Physical and Chemical Waste

Physical Treatment
Physical refining is performed with the purpose of removing solid materials that can precipitate by themselves and floating materials from the waste water. Equipment used in this purpose are sieve, screen, sand and oil catchers.
Generally, physical treatment systems are primarily used biological and chemical treatment plants. Thus, it can be possible to eliminate a major part of the pollutants in waste water.
Chemical Treatment
In chemical waste water process, after the addition of chemical substances (coagulant, polyelectrolyte) with a proper pH to waste water, pollutant materials are precipitated and separated from water in the form of sludge. Its applications are neutralization, flocculation and coagulation.
Neutralization: It is the process of addition of acid or base to waste water with acidic and basic characteristics with the purpose of reaching the proper pH value for coagulation process.
Coagulation: It is the process of preparation of coagulant chemicals for flock formation by being added to waste water with the proper pH and by combining them with colloidal and suspended solid materials.
Flocculation: Flocculation is the process of combination of small particles that formed with the coagulation process as a result of mixture of the water at the proper speed and the formation of flocks that can precipitate easily.
Hydrotur Chemical packet waste water treatment plants are designed as batch or continuous according to their capacities.
HYD- waste water treatment systems can be produced in different sizes and capacities based on pollution load and flow rate. Also, based on waste water character and customer demand, our packet waste water refining reactors can also be made of , Concrete, Epoxy Coated St 37, fibreglass or stainless steel materials. In our systems, quality equipment that requires minimum maintenance costs is used to minimize the maintenance need.
Application Areas;

  • Textile factories
  • Slaughter houses      
  • Hospitals
  • Galvanization – Coating Industry
  • Aluminium factories
  • Paint factories
  • Oil factories
  • Petrochemistry industry
  • Meat industry
  • Other industrial businesses