Reverse Osmosis Systems

It is the process of retaining refining substances separated from water using a semipermeable membrane. RO ensures the elimination of minerals in the water at the rate of 90-99.8% especially when classic treatment systems are insufficient for the water (sea water, high conductivity well water).

With the advance in water technology, RO devices have started to be used commonly in domestic and industrial applications. 
REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS are often preferred to;

  • Transform sea water or brackish water into drinking water,
  • Recycle decomposed salts in industrial businesses,
  • Acquire the desired quality of water for industry and drinking water,
  • Prevent the formation of boiler scale in steam boilers,
  • Recycle the water in Re-Use systems (recycling of the waste water),
  • Prepare concentrated fruit juice or tomato sauce,
  • Eliminate toxic materials and microorganisms,
  • Use a more quality water in chemical businesses,
  • Acquire the feeding water for ultra-pure water systems. 

Hydrotur has been establishing systems in ISO standards in Turkey and many other countries by combining European trademarks and Italian technology.