Paint Shop Sludge Removal System

These systems are paint shop sludge removal equipment that are used to separate oversprayed paint in wet spraying booths with water screen and/or venture type by floating or precipitating them in automotive key and supply industries, plastic, wood, chemistry, iron steel sectors.   
Hydrofloty, Sludge removal plants are capacitated based on water capacity of paint shop and oversprayed paint amount. From feeding pumps to chemical dosage pumps, all components are properly selected and produced for the process and paint type. In systems designed to take the entire sludge in the tank instead of taking the paint sludge only in one point, the efforts of our engineering staff making the best of the technology play an important role. Calculations and designs one in proposal and project stage are offered to our customers with the proper programme and drawings. Successful applications or turnkey projects performed as a result of these elaborate works are based on the customer satisfaction. With the help of chemicals (paint coagulant and floculant) specially produced in HYDROITALIA that we provide with equipment support, we provide a full process service to our customers. 
As HydroTur, we have developed our knowledge and application skills with our references in Turkey and many other counties on this subject. Thus, we have become the leader of this process and the “Project Partner” of the biggest and corporate paint shop plant producers in Turkey and World.

General advantages of the system are stated below. Thanks to the system; 

  • With the separation of paint sludge from the spray booths continuously, the frequency of the booth water pollution gets longer. Water is changed less often. Thus, maintenance, repair and cleaning costs decrease up to 90%. 
  • Problems like obstruction in water screens and nozzles in paint booths decrease. Thus, paint application quality will increase indirectly. 
  • It will not be necessary to stop the production to clean the booths and face up to from extra workmanship costs. 
  • Because every system can be connected to more than one paint booth, it is not necessary to invest in different systems for each booth. 
  • It can continue to be used in the same way without any need to make a change in the system in the event of replacing solvent based paint with water based paint
  • Because system control is performed with PLC controlled automation panel, the need for an operator is minimum.