Oil Separators

HydroTur Treatment Co, offers solutions for customer needs with oil separators in different types and capacities based on varying processes. Accordingly;

  • DAF Type oil separators; are used in food, metal, cosmetics, galvanization, chemistry and petrochemistry actively. The purpose of the design of this machine is to separate oils and other light components from water and float them with chemical and air support, then remove precipitated particles from conic part of the system. The aim is to decrease the percentage of oil, KOI and AKM in the water.
  • Mechanic oil separators; are used to separate the decomposed and suspended oil that collects in the surface of the bath mechanically and effectively without changing the chemical process in degreasing bathes, and prolong the life cycle of the bath by reutilizing the water. With this mechanic oil separator in a lamellar structure, oil can be easily and quite efficiently separated from the system with the help of a compact system. Related systems are produced by being capacitated based on the volumes of degreasing bathes and oil density. This type of systems significantly decreasing maintenance, repair, chemical consumption and operation costs by prolonging the life of degreasing batches with its lamellar structure.
  • Kitchen Type Oil Separators; are used in every business that has a refectory, primarily in hotels and big factories. Their designs can be customized according to customer demands and needs based on waste water amount, underground/ above ground, manual/ fully automatic and heated types. They are compact-package units used to separate the oils from waste water.