Evaporators are used for water purification in case of insufficient situations using physical and chemical treatment. Working principle is based on condensation of boiled waste water in order to get pure water.

In addition to its use with the purpose of waste water disposal, it can be used for producing pure water. In capacity calculations, amounts related to all wastes of the business should be determined correctly. Auxiliary equipment such as vacuum pump is used to minimize energy costs in the equipment design based on the customer needs. Its use and maintenance are very easy and it does not need any extra chemical substance.

Evaporators are often used to acquire drinking water in ships. Compared to reverse osmosis systems, the reason why it is preferred in this sector is ships can be on different routes where salinity and temperatures vary and RO design cannot be optimized for these variables. 

Another advantage compared to RO is that scab formations on heat exchanger surfaces are limited because boiling happens at lower temperatures than normal.

Its Advantages For Waste Water Are That;

  • It does not have a connection with sewage because of zero waste water discharge.
  • Because refined water is distilled, it can be reused in the business.
  • Concentration of harmful wastes reduce your waste costs.
  • Its operation is easy and does not need personnel employment. 
  • Its operation costs are low. 
  • It ensures the recycling of precious metals used in surface processing lines (gold, silver, platin, etc.)..
  • Thanks to your sensitivity to the environment, the prestige of your company increases.