Biological Water Treatment System

Domestic waste water is discharged by being treated biologically. Aerobic microorganisms in the system, transform the organic pollution into water and carbon dioxide using the oxygen provided with the aeration.
Hydrotur Packet Waste Water Treatment Systems can be categorized into two main headings, being batch or continuous systems. Batch Type Compact Systems are the waste water treatment plants that work based on consecutive discrete active sludge system in which aeration and precipitation processes are in the same tank.
Continuous type systems are the treatment systems in which aeration and precipitation periods are in the separate tanks. Continuous treatment systems are the models designed for settlement areas with dense population and high waste water flow rate.

Waste water treatment plant consist of divisions below.

  • Pumping System • Biological Reactor
  • Coarse Screen • Chlorination
  • Balancing manhole and transfer pump • Electricity control and automation panel

Packet treatment plants in the models that we produce for 50-1000 equivalent population have application areas such as settlement areas such as touristic facilities, holiday villages and summer houses, worksites, schools, hospitals, factories and production for which domestic waste water is a matter.
Packet treatment systems produced as ferro-concrete and steel tanks with varying sizes are the most appropriate and practical solutions for domestic waste water treatment.